Particle is a crypto currency, or digital currency.  This means it acts as both store of value and exchange of value.  It is based on the Bitcoin concept by Satoshi Nakamoto of a blockchain secured by proof of work.  Therefore Particle is what is called “alt-coin” or “alt-chain” because it is alternative chain to Bitcoin blockchain.  Unlike Bitcoin that uses SHA-256 for proof of work, Particle uses a different set of cryptographic algorithms for Proof of Work.  Particle will also have a larger currency supply, to encourage distribution and use for trading for goods and services.

The Blockchain was Ingenious Invention Big as Internet

Particle – PRT – is not a “pump dump altcoin” or “scamcoin”.  Unlike altcoin design for dump, Particle backed by ongoing effort of innovation as describe below.  Particle has many new feature in development, advanced BitFreezer wallet, new API and platform all coming 2014 big project.

Growth Through Technical Attraction

Particle can be built from source code, or you can download a pre-compiled Particle Wallet for your operating system.

Source Code:

Windows Particle Wallet:
Mega: Mega: particle-qt-8.7.3 for windows

Decentralized Peer 2 Peer Technologies Will Bring Many More Innovation

Block explorer can be used explore the blocks that have  been mined, and check on the current height of the Particle blockchain.

Decentralized Market Poses Many Challenges Many Fun

A whitepaper will release soon outlines operation of BitFreezer and marketnets feature enhancements.

Dig and Mine and Discover Your Wealth

New feature concept built on top of Particle, adds decentralized marketplace for goods and services.  Like decentralized classified ads.  More information will come in whitepaper and slide deck.  We are still choosing implementation method.  Likely something like DHT or WASTE.

So Friendly Platform Codebase Bring Much More Ecosystem

BitFreezer Advanced Wallet
New wallet implementation improves on reference Bitcoin QT wallet.  Server and client works cross-platform via Mono, written in C# and client in Windows.Forms.  Adds many features, and APIs open up more development activity for ecosystem of services.  Roadmap through 2014 includes new sites and services built on platform.

Bleeding Edge Tech So Happy To Participate


A Movement To Be Part

Particle has Subreddit